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With the new version of Teamspeak, 3.1.0, there is a new and less confusing way to sync your Teamspeak ID's on your computer.

This update brought the myTeamspeak feature. This feature allows you to sync your ID's and Bookmarks to any platform that supports Teamspeak, and is updated to at least 3.1.0. I'll do a run through of how to setup an account, how to sync it to another computer.  Lets start with creating an account.

Creating An Account

1) So, in order to create an account, go to "Tools" (Up at the Top) -> "Options" -> "myTeamspeak" (Bar on the Left).

2) Once you are there, click the "Create Account" button under the myTeamspeak Account section. Make sure to fill out each field.

3) Once you fill out each field, click "Create." It'll tell you to go to your email and to verify. This is a very important step, as if you don't, you won't be able to sync your accounts.

4) Once you verify and log in, make sure you have "Synchronization" and "Automatic" check-marked underneath the myTeamspeak Account Features.

5) IMPORTANT To make sure your TeamSpeak "tags/server groups" are not lost for ever, make sure your Identity is in the "Synchronized Identites Box" (and not Local Identities) "Tools" (Up at the Top) -> "Identities" -> Move Identity from "Local Identities" to "Synchronized Identities" (You can do this my dragging the identity into the "Synchronized Idenities Box" OR Right Click on the "Local Identity" inside the "Local Identities Box" and select "Move to Synchronized").*

Thats it, now just use that bookmark to connect to the server.

*Once you are Verified we trust that you have backed-up(synchronized) your identity properly, if you have not and lose your "tags/server groups" AtlasTS will not re-issue your tags...ever.(if you need help with the above speak to a admin/staff member on the server)

Syncing With Another Computer

Syncing with another computer is rather simple. Once you have installed Teamspeak on that computer, make sure you are in 3.1.0 or higher.

After that, go to "Tools" -> "Options" -> "myTeamspeak."

Once you are there, sign in with your myTeamspeak account. Also make sure that you have "Synchronization" and "Automatic" check-marked underneath the myTeamspeak Account Features. After that, just restart Teamspeak and you should be set and have everything that was on your other computer.

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