These rules apply to ALL of our networks, including but not limited to: website, TS3, other forms of communications. Every person connected to the network should know the rules.Not knowing the rules is no excuse for breaking them.

Members MUST use the same name on the TS3 Server At all times.

1 - Guest/New Users
1.1 -Coming Soon (being Updated)

2 - Community Guidelines
2.1 Strictly NO advertising other TeamSpeak servers or/and other communities to other users.
2.2 Trolling, spamming and any other disruptive behavior intended to upset others is not allowed.
2.3 No racism, sexism or any other forms of discrimination allowed.
2.5 No blackmailing other members.
2.6 No posting of obscene or inappropriate material.

3 - Ranks
3.1 ALL "guest/new members" will be automatically giving "Guest" permissions on the TeamSpeak Server, as long as the user meets the registration conditions.
3.2 The ranks are as follows; Guest/New User, Verified Member(Full Member), Steam Staff, TS Admin, Server Admin.

5 - Private Channels
5.1 The channel owner is responsible for all actions within their channel.
5.2 Banning Members/users from channels
5.2.1 Any Member Banned from a channel on the server must have a report filled out. This acts as confirmation and explanation of why the member is banned and keeps staff up to date on the position and behavior of members on the server.

*No registration required, Unless user/member has more then 100 connections to ATS and/or been using ATS for 3 months. Note: When your not registered you forfeit your right to appeal a temp/perm Ban.
Last Updated: 01/03/2018

Server status
Admin status
Server Admin Server Admin
A1 Tricky Offline
TS Admin TS Admin
A2 Empty Online
TS Moderator TS Moderator
A4 TOMMEH Offline
A3 ReZQual Offline